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Friday, June 29, 2012

Dual booting Win7 pro 64 on a SSD drive

I was wondering if there are any issue with dual booting Windows 7 pro 64 bit on an internal SSD drive. I currently have Windows 7 pro 64 bit on a 500gb 7200 hard drive plus a backup 1 TB 7200 rpm drive; but I wanted the speed I would get by installing win7 pro 64bit on a 250gb SSD drive. I would basically only install specific essential software like Adobe Premeire Pro and Photoshop, among others. I originally was going to use the SDD drive as a scratch disc but after reading, I thought it might be better to just install Win7 on the SSD drive. This way I could also experiment with what would be the best configuration. I still get confused about scratch disc and how useful they are if you have plenty of memory. thanks for any input.


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