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Friday, May 4, 2012

Inside Windows Phone #37 | Anatomy of a Successful WP Game - Taptitude

Today we spoke with the awesomely last-named Brandon Furtwangler, about his incredibly successful Windows Phone game, Taptitude.

Brandon is 1/4 of the independent company Four Bros Studio LLC. The Furtwangler clan has recently received quite a bit of press attention, (Business Insider, WM Power User, Mobility Digest), due to the success they've had with using the Microsoft Ad control in their Windows Phone App.

We came to the conclusion it would make a lot of sense to talk to them about how they did it, and they graciously agreed.

Here are some more relevant links for your enjoyment:

Taptitude on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Taptitude fan generated Taptitude Wiki

Follow the Four Bros on Twitter, @FourBrosStudio

And the here are the Four Bros themselves:





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