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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hdd magic act

I am new to this website and forums all together

I have a dell inspiron 1525 with the stock 250gb HDD. We started having issues with it saying that the HDD was not found or that there was not one installed. This was a random event thing as somedays it would work and other days it wouldnt. After some time it stopped working completely. In BIOS it is shown. I put SLAX OS on a thumb drive and booted the laptop from it and I am able too access the HDD as well as open pictures and such. I have treid booting the HDD on several other computers using a SATA wire without success. It has vista on it, It goes to the small loading bar with the little green lines and then after a minute or so it goes back to the Dell screen. I have tried to reseat the drive, tried booting from other computers, and cleaning the prongs. The bios order is correct in that it has the HDD at the top of the list. I an at my wits end.

Any and all help would be amazing

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