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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[BSOD] BSOD/Operating system cannot be found after installing new windows 7 pro on ssd

Lenovo Y460P running windows 7 home premium, 750gb hdd.

Ok, so I just bought one of the 120gb Intel 330 series SSD's. I also bought a notebook HDD caddy so I could replace my dvd drive with this ssd. I was successful in replacing the dvd drive with the ssd, and was able to install games and play from it.

Then I decided to format the ssd and install a fresh copy of windows 7 Pro on it. This also was done successfully. So I have two copies on windows 7 on my laptop. Somehow my ssd booted by default after restarting, and i started to install drivers for my laptop. I had successfully installed the wifi, graphics card, realtek audio, touchpad, and a few other basic drivers. I also updated the bios.

During this entire process I restarted my laptop many times, no problem. But I shut down the laptop last night and this morning it refuses to boot up. there are a few different errors when trying to boot up. Sometimes, it shows the windows is starting and the windows logo before BSODing. Sometimes, it says something about being unable to start because a required drive is inaccessible. So I went into my BIOS setup and looked at the boot order, then noticed that my ssd was not listed. I could see my hard drive, and a few other devices. My sata mode is switched to AHCI (mentioning this because some other thread had a similar problem but was fixed after switching IDE to AHCI). I tried disabling my HDD from the boot order so it would use my SSD, but when i restarted my laptop it simply said operating system not found.

So I tried booting from my USB which contains the windows 7 pro installer, and went through system repair and restore (to the point before i downloaded the windows 7 pro installer), neither of which helped.

I used the CMD in startup repair, and list disk listed both my HDD and my SSD, as well as my usb drive.

I have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to do now. My laptop wont even boot into windows. I'm just a Polytechnic student and I have some projects on my laptop which I don't want to lose.

Is my SSD broken? is my HDD broken? are they corrupted? Everything was working before i went to sleep.

I know my case is quite confusing, so Thank you everyone for your help. I'd really appreciate it.


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