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Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's been a while ...

Hi all,

Its been quite some time since I was last active on these forums as I kind of fell out of my web-design hobby to focus on other things. Fast forward to 2012 and Ive been unexpectedly offered the sole SysAdmin role in a small 50-user company after our former SysAdmin left, although I had no prior experience. Its been a couple of months of feeling around in the dark but I think Im doing well. I do have the support of the Group IT Manager in New Zealand, but its been mostly learning on the job, and I thought there could be a few guys around on Ozzu who would be able to answer any silly questions I may have in the future.

Ive also been getting back into web-design - Im currently working on a website for my girlfriends business as well as my own personal one.

So, Ozzu, whats been going on in all this time? ;)

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